1. Cosmic Sailing
    My Friend Dario

  2. Islands In Time
    Faint Waves

  3. Dedications to the Greats part 3
    B.J. Smith

  4. Selected Works 1982 to 1989
    Joan Bibiloni

  5. Dímun

  6. Stop, Look, Listen
    George Koutalieris

  7. Young Men Drive Fast

  8. Stranded Seaside
    Igor B

  9. Summer Selections Two
    Various Artists

  10. A Beautiful Life / Disconnected
    Torn Sail

  11. Love Within The Universe
    Ryo Kawasaki

  12. Lucky Lady
    Ryo Kawasaki

  13. Sweet Life
    Ryo Kawasaki

  14. Phat Phil Cooper presents NuNorthern Soul Winter Warmers
    Various Artists

  15. Ocean Leap EP
    Bonnie & Klein

  16. Reflections of the Sun

  17. Waves Take Control
    Nick J. Smith

  18. Fantazmat

  19. Summer Selections One
    Various Artists

  20. Patio Pastels Mini LP
    Blair French

  21. From The Ash
    B.J. Smith

  22. Trinkets & Things 1978 Demo
    Ryo Kawasaki

  23. Journeys In...
    José Manuel

  24. NuNorthern Soul Restructured & Reworked by Andi Hanley
    Various Artists

  25. Tears To Sound feat. Ron Trent Mix
    Ilija Rudman Pres. Andre Espeut

  26. Dusk & Dawn
    Private Agenda

  27. Between Ship and Shore Part Three
    B.J. Smith

  28. Selected Works Part 2 - 1976 to 1980
    Ryo Kawasaki

  29. Tear It Down / Sugar Rush
    Dos Palos

  30. Selected Works 1979 to 1983
    Ryo Kawasaki

  31. Between Ship and Shore Part Two
    B.J. Smith

  32. Between Ship and Shore Part One
    B.J. Smith

  33. The Ocean Inside
    Captain Sunshine

  34. La Escollera Session Two
    Various Artists

  35. Remixes Part One
    Dos Palos

  36. Lady of the Westway / I've Been Around
    Dos Palos

  37. Dedications to the Greats part 2
    B.J. Smith

  38. La Escollera Session One
    Various Artists

  39. Mark [Flashbaxx Remix]
    Abimaro and the Free

  40. Mark
    Abimaro and the Free

  41. Sleepdancing Remixes Part 2

  42. Sleepdancing Remixes

  43. Sleepdancing

  44. Dedications to the Greats part 1
    B.J. Smith

  45. The Movedrill Projects
    B.J. Smith


NuNorthern Soul Eivissa, Spain

NuNortherns Soul has been running events since 1996, the label, which was formed in 2012, is about presenting a rich tapestry of music, not restricted by genre or production techniques, it is not a Soul music label, but a label for music WITH Soul.

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