1. Abimaro and the Free
    London, UK
  2. Blair French
    Detroit, Michigan
  3. Bonnie & Klein
  4. Brown Fang
    Nottingham, UK
  5. Captain Sunshine
  6. Coyote
    Nottingham, UK
  7. Dos Palos
    London, UK
  8. George Koutalieris
  9. George Solar
    IB, Spain
  10. Igor B
  11. James Bright
  12. Joan Bibiloni
    IB, Spain
  13. José Manuel
    Berlin, Germany
  14. LOVA_officialmusic
    Verona, Italy
  15. Lowhitey
  16. marshall watson
    San Francisco, California
  17. Mike Salta & Mortale
  18. Mirage
  19. My Friend Dario
    Catania, Italy
  20. Gold Suite
    Bali, Indonesia
  21. Nick J. Smith
  22. Ryo Kawasaki
  23. Private Agenda
    Berlin, Germany
  24. Ragz
    Liverpool, UK
  25. Tambores En Benirras
    IB, Spain
  26. Torn Sail
    Nottingham, UK
  27. Yggdrasil
    Faroe Islands
  28. Be.lanuit
    Madrid De Los Trillos, Spain
  29. Cole Odin (Ownership)
    San Francisco, California


NuNorthern Soul Eivissa, Spain

NuNortherns Soul has been running events since 1996, the label, which was formed in 2012, is about presenting a rich tapestry of music, not restricted by genre or production techniques, it is not a Soul music label, but a label for music WITH Soul.

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